IT & Consulting

A successful business future

Committed to developing sustainable and profitable solutions for our clients.

We will provide you with the conditions for continuous improvement and improvement of your business processes by applying an integrated approach in order to ensure a productive business environment.

Our approach is a guarantee of a successful business future, since the Key4s consulting team will provide you with services that are based on modern trends and best business practices.

Our goal is to help our clients be successful in business, through various consulting services in order to plan, execute and manage business processes more efficiently.

Our services for a successful business future

Needs analysis

Analysis of client needs is the basis for determining the need for change management with the aim of improving business.

Feasibility studies

Preparation of feasibility studies with implementation plans for development solutions ensures continuous improvement of business efficiency.


By applying standards in the provision of our services and by standardizing the clients' business processes, we ensure business optimization.

Data analytics

By applying tools for analysis, management and data storage, we enable the monitoring of business trends and increase the effectiveness of our clients' operations.


By applying an integrated and multidisciplinary approach, we ensure the business sustainability of our clients through the balancing of business processes.

Financial and business consulting

We provide our clients with financial, business analysis and planning services on the local and global market in accordance with modern trends.

IT consulting

We provide our clients with the development and improvement of business information systems with the aim of improving business efficiency and providing support in decision-making, with the application of the most modern ITC technologies.

Technical and technological consulting

We provide our clients with the services of analysis, improvement proposals, and feasibility studies of technical-technological processes in the field of energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, and other industries.


References in public and financial

Our clients are ministries, state administration bodies, city and municipal administrations, public companies, banks and other financial institutions.

References in the economy

Our clients are production companies from various industrial fields, then from the fields of agriculture, food industry, energy, trade, tourism, education.

Our partners

Our partners are large domestic and international consulting firms and IT companies.