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Solar power plant management

SSE is a unique software solution designed to manage and track solar power plants, customers, equipment, documentation and work orders. The software comes as a complete solution but can be modified for customer needs.

The SSE platform has the following functionalities:

  • Insight into all guarantees, duties and work orders
  • User-friendly experience
  • Useful analytics
  • Flexible access by rolls and permissions


Cameras & Software

The integrated SPark camera & software system with advanced artificial intelligence enables complete real-time monitoring and control of parking spaces, reading license plates and connection to access control systems.

SPark Cameras & Software integrated system
It has the following functionalities:

  • Occupancy identification
  • Reading license plates
  • Smart statistics
  • Control and reporting

References: JKP Parking servis Čačak, JKP Parking servis Ivanjica, JKP Parking servis Čajetina


Courses & Trainings

EObuke is a platform designed for distance learning. The classroom can be customized for each client depending on the type of courses and the type of education required.

Advantages of the EObuke platform:

  • Adaptable to any topics and courses
  • The platform is physically independent of the location and access point
  • Data security on protected servers
  • Unlimited storage of materials, exercises and courses


Micro and small business management.

The EPorezi system is a crucial solution in terms of establishing and supporting a business location independent of physical location. We deal with business establishment, business support, accounting, taxes and business compliance with regulations all in one place.

The EPorezi system and software provide the following benefits:

  • A reliable business entity
  • Simple and fair tax system
  • Secure online administration
  • Full remote control

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