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The name Prosumer consists of two English words "producer" and "consumer". The term was coined by Alvin Tofler in his book The Third Wave, published in 1980, to define consumers as individuals who consume and produce value, either for their own consumption or for consumption by others. They may receive implicit or explicit incentives from the organizations involved in the exchange.

This notion has gained new meaning in recent decades in many industries where the customer is at the same time the producer and consumer of products and services.

Prosumer is a participant in the electricity market, which is at the same time a consumer and producer of energy. It can be a household or a company. Prozjumer uses the energy obtained from renewable energy sources for its own needs. In case the energy production exceeds its needs, the excess energy is handed over to the distribution network. When the projumer's energy needs are greater, he draws the difference he needs from the distribution network. The energy exchange between the proxy and the distribution system takes place in real time.

This allows for energy consumption saving and earning on the sale of surplus energy.

The term and concept itself are widely used globally. Consumers usually opt for solar photovoltaic systems. The reason is the affordable price and modular properties of the technology itself.

As renewable energy sources, it is possible to use biomass for thermal power plants. Other technologies are less often used in places of consumption, e.g. due to the unavailability of watercourses in the case of hydropower plants or wind roses in the case of wind turbines.

Solar power plants

Using solar energy during the day, photovoltaic panels produce electricity proportional to the intensity of solar radiation. The inverters then convert the direct current generated into alternating current and deliver it to the point of connection to the distribution system behind the customer's meter.

The goal is to use as much green energy as possible to meet our own needs. In the case when the power plant produces a larger amount of electricity than is needed at a given moment, the surplus is handed over to the distribution network automatically.

All excess electricity, which registers the two-way meter at the point of handover with the distribution system, the owner of the connection can sell at market prices.

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