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About us

Key4S doo Belgrade was founded in 2014 in Belgrade. We are engaged in the design and construction of solar power plants, consulting services in the field of information technology, business and energy.

Since 2017, we have expanded our business to the EU by establishing Key4s Global Consultig in Tallinn, Estonia.

Our consultants and engineers have participated in a large number of development projects in the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of State Administration, state administration bodies and local self-government. 

Our team of consultants has worked on business improvement projects in a large number of companies and banks in Serbia. 

So far, more than 20 projects in the field of solar energy have been implemented. 

How our power plants work

1. Panels can be attached to the roof or ground.

2. The Sun generates solar energy.

3. Solar panels collect solar energy and convert it into direct current electricity.

4. Solar panels are connected to the inverter.

5. The inverter transforms direct current from the panels into alternating current, which can be used on the network.

6. Electricity from the power plant can be utilized for:

- own consumption

- selling the electricity to the distributor